When and where is the Open Air 2018?

The Open Air Belval will be on Saturday, 30th June in front of the Rockhal.

What's the best time to arrive?

The doors for the concert area will open at 18:30.

What will the timing look like?

The doors will open at 18:30. Lata Gouveia will start at 19:30, followed by Alex Francis at 20:30. Sting & Shaggy will hit the stage at 21:30!

Are drinks and snacks included with my ticket?

The drinks and snacks are unfortunately not included in your ticket, but we got a variety of food trucks to discover!

Can I buy tickets for people with restricted mobility?

Please contact out service team by e-mail: tickets@rockhal.lu or by phone: +352 24555 1

I can't attend the show anymore. Can I have a refund or exchange on my tickets?

Purchased tickets will be refunded ONLY if the show is being cancelled. Date, billing, or venue changes are not a valid reason for a refund.

I forgot to print my ticket. Do you have my purchase on record?

In case you purchased your ticket on rockhal.lu or etix.com, you can reprint your order HERE

What happens if it rains?

It will not :-) , weather forecast is good. They announce 28-30 degrees and bright sunshine. So use some suncream and maybe something to protect your head. You can check the weather forecast HERE

Can I volunteer to work at the event?

Applications for our volunteers have been closed. So next chance is next year!

Are there age restrictions?

Children and young people under the age of 16 may only enter the concert area if accompanied by a parent or an adult with parental power. A parental consent form has to be filled out and brought to the show. Download the PDF HERE!

Where can I get medical help?

We have an on site medical team operating on the concert site!

What are you doing to ensure my safety? 

The security staff is authorized to carry out searches on persons – also by implementing technical aids- to find out whether they pose a security risk due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs, or carry banned objects. The security staff may also request the submission of identity documents should there be any indication of the presence of banned objects, or that the person concerned is subject to a ban on entering the premises.


Your safety and security is our top priority. If you see something say something.

Am I allowed to take pictures?

No, cameras are not allowed. 

Is there a location plan?

Please find the location map HERE!

Can we bring our dog?

Pets of any kind aren't allowed at the concert area. (except guide dogs for the blind)

May I leave the area during the concert and reenter?

Tickets are no longer valid upon leaving the concert area, unless they were "scanned" by the organizer or the authorized people and thus registered as valid for re-entry in the access control system.

Is there a covered area?

It is an Open Air show, so bring your sunglasses. If you want to have a rest you can go inside our lobby at the Rockhal. You can check the weather forecast HERE

Will there be lockers?

Yes there will be lockers in a limited quantity waiting for you. 

Can I bring my motorbike helmet?

You can drop your helmet at our wardrobe at the Belval Plaza Shopping Center (1st floor, next to Saturn).